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In support of pediatric sleep research.

A message from Colin Shapiro and Laurel Etkin-Spigelman

It used to be said that in some ways psychiatry is the Cinderella of medicine, implying that it got the least attention. The truth is that children’s sleep problems are very much the Cinderella of paediatrics with relatively few children sleep clinics internationally compared to the vast numbers of children who have a huge range of sleep problems.

In many ways, this situation is starting to change for the better. One large step is the recent award of the Nobel Prize to people who helped describe the genetics behind biological rhythms. However, it is still the case that there are a very large number of children who go to bed late and get up late because of circadian problems that are unrecognized by parents, teachers, physicians and unfortunately sleep specialists alike. There are specific treatments that can be dramatically effective and change the course of a child’s academic performance and future life opportunities. The Youthdale Child and Adolescent Sleep Program intentionally takes a broad view of sleep disorders and we now have considerable success in treating children with fetal alcohol syndrome, sleep apnea, insomnia, parasomnias, as well as circadian problems.

It is very common for us to see a child who has been labelled with ADHD, who no longer needs treatment once an underlying sleep problem has been detected and treated. The proceeds of this year’s charity art show will go to funding research in this area.

For the first time, the art show is completely virtual! You can view the display of artwork below and make purchases online. However, there will be a small display of some of the works at the Sleep and Alertness Clinic on the 8th floor of 790 Bay Street for the month of November.

The clinical program would not function without the phenomenal support of the two administrative staff who work tirelessly to keep the clinic on track, Jasmine Delos Reyes and Arleene Augustin. We must thank the very competent manager Dragana Jovanovic, and assistant manager Inna Voloh, whose considerable experience and skill are greatly admired. I would particularly like to thank Sheela Jacombs who travels from Montreal several days a month to assist us. And lastly, a huge thank you to Jesan Azad, who donated his time to build this website, and without whom we would have no exhibit at all.

We are hopeful that if you are reading this message, you are somewhat supportive of this exercise and will either decide to purchase a painting or make a donation. For donations of $50 or more, there will be a full tax receipt, and for those buying paintings, there will be a tax receipt for 50% of the value of the painting. We appreciate your support!

Best wishes,
Colin Shaprio, program director, and Laurel Etkin-Spigelman, Master’s student and exhibit organizer.

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Ashley Davidoff is a physician and artist who lives with his wife Naomi and four children near Boston, Massachusetts. His work combines the beauty of nature with the internal magnificence of the human body. By integrating rendered photography, medical images, and painting, he creates art pieces that reflect his love and understanding of human form and function. As a youth in South Africa, Dr. Davidoff learned the importance of creative expression as a tap and flamenco dancer.

The driving intellectual force is presented in a program called The Common Vein, which unites art, nature and biology ( This web-based educational program emphasizes simplicity of principles that underly complexity of detail in biology and medicine. More than 500 of the artist’s original works can be found on

Dr Davidoff’s multicultural background and interdisciplinary creativity provide a unique and exciting perspective of biology, medicine and art.

Please note, the following work is rendered photographs, not paintings.


Duet of Loneliness • 33in x 23in • $1,500


En Pointe in Beige • 33in x 19in • $1,450


En Pointe • 33in x 18in • $1,300


Leaps in Black and White • 33in x 22in • $1,200


Power in Dance • 33in x 20in • $1,450


Solo in Black and White • 33in x 30in • $1,100


Reach to heaven • 33in x 18in • $1,250


Charles Choi was born in Shanghai, China and immigrated to Canada in 1995. He learnt painting at age of 4, with the focus on western master paintings and their skills. He has studied paintings at Children Palace, Shanghai Oil painting and Sculpture Institution and Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Arts, his focus has been on "Concrete Expression"-the combination of fundamental painting skills, personal touch and a contemporary approach, he has been winning a lots of awards both in Canada and China including the "Best of the Show" in Society of Canadian Artists' Members Annual Art Show and the National Exhibitions in China. His paintings can be found in Private collections throughout Canada, China, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.



Blossom • 60cm x 45cm • Oil • $1,300


Faith At a Distance • 50cm x 40cm • Oil • $1,300


Full of Life • 60cm x 45cm • Oil • $1,600


Peaceful Town • 50cm x 40cm • Oil • $1,300


Reflection Corner • 70cm x 60cm • Oil • $1,600


SOLD to A. B.

Sail • 70cm x 60cm • Oil • $2,000


Colin Shapiro started collecting art as a registrar in Edinburgh. The circumstances were that he was asked to open what was the first sleep lab in Africa in Johannesburg. On each trip (twice a year) he would use the money to re-inberse his travel to purchase art (conveniently forgetting the Visa bill awaiting him in Scotland. He was helped considerable by a family friend Natalie Knight who owned a gallery featuring both international and African art. This growing interest subsequently gave rise to several publications on the depiction of sleep in art. More recently he has taken on the role of being the author of an occasional column in the Northern Star on the subject of art both international and local. As part of a downsizing experience he has agree to sell some pieces for the benefit of the Art show and as with the real artists half the proceeds will go to the Charity.


Sleep • $4,000


Alertness • $4,000

Arlette Varón
A sculptress in Peru. She has published a book on the subject. She sculpted these two pieces when already in her 80’s. The titles are “Sleep” and “Alertness” and can be purchased singly or as a pair. The work is carefully thought out particularly in the juxtaposition of the black and white marble in the two pieces reflecting Night and Day.


Hearts x2 • Jim Dine • $8,000

Jim Dine
The Art of Jim Dine - Artist with a Heart
Jim Dine was born June 16, 1935 in Cincinnati Ohio. Dine first began to gain public recognition in 1959 with his series of performance art, Happenings. In 1962, Dine featured work in New Painting of Common Objects, which is commonly considered the first “Pop Art” exhibition in America. In subsequent years, Dine continued to develop his art and evolved both stylistically and thematically from man-made objects to nature. As of 2016, Dine is exclusively represented by the Richard Gray in Chicago and New York.


Henry Moore • $9,000

Henry Moore
English artist Henry Moore (July 30, 1898 – August 31, 1986) is known best for his semi-abstract bronze sculptures that are located around the world. Moore’s work is typically understood to be abstractions of the female body. Moore’s work is the essence of British modernism and has had a vast influence on generations of sculptors on an international scale.
"All art should have a certain mystery and should make demands on the spectator. Giving a sculpture or a drawing too explicit a title takes away part of that mystery so that the spectator moves on to the next object, making no effort to ponder the meaning of what he has just seen. Everyone thinks that he or she looks but they don't really, you know." - Henry Moore, quoted by Mary Moore, the artist's daughter.


Wiszniewski • $6,000

Adrian Wiszniewski
Adrian Wiszniewski was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1958. He is a member of the "New Glasgow Boys" or "Glasgow Pups" of the late 20th century, led by Alexander Moffat. He was influenced by New Image painting in the early 1980s, combining figurative art with social commentary. He gave his first solo show in 1984 in London and Glasgow. His paintings, often colourful and large-scale, are populated with contemplative figures set in vividly coloured Arcadian landscapes.



Picasso • Art and the Theatre • $12,000



Picasso 2 • Art and the Theatre • $12,000

Pablo Picasso
2 paintings from the series Art and the Theatre
Regarded as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso (October 25, 1881 – April 8, 1973), explored multiple styles and mediums. He is known for co-founding the Cubist movement, the co-invention of collage and the invention of constructed sculpture. His style was constantly evolving and changing and his work is often categorized into periods. Based on the Art Market Trend report of the sale of his work at auctions, Picasso remains a top-ranked artist. His work immensely influenced the world of art and his legacy will continue to live on for many years to come.


Deena Sherman is a former press photographer, and now a noted landscape photographer. She resides in Toronto, Canada.


Foreboding 1 • 12in x 18in • $300


Foreboding 2 • 12in x 18in • $300


Foreboding 3 • 12in x 18in • $300


Douglas Purdon was born in Toronto, Canada and graduated from the Ontario College of Art (AOCA) and is a full-time painter living in Toronto, Canada.

He works in oil, watercolour and acrylic. In 1998, he wrote the best seller Color Secrets for Glowing Oil Paintings, published by North Light publications. His work has appeared in International Artist Magazine and numerous other publications. He is an elected member of The Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), and The Ontario Society of Artists OSA.

As educational and technical advisor for Winsor & Newton, he lectures on painting materials and techniques at colleges and universities. He taught at the University of Toronto - School of Continuing Studies. In 2012 he was awarded the Outstanding Teaching Award by the University. He teaches painting at Loyalist College during the summer and for private art groups and societies in Canada and the US.

In 2005, Doug won the Museum Purchase Award at the 26th Annual Mystic International Marine Painting Exhibition. In 2007 his solo exhibition, Doug Purdon and the Legend of Landscape opened at the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto.

His work is currently exhibited at The Gallery at Mystic Seaport. The Westmount Gallery in Toronto and Quinn’s of Tweed in Tweed, Ontario. His paintings are in the permanent collections of Mystic Seaport, Scottish National Tourist Board, Toronto Public Library, City of Toronto and Sears Canada.


Echo ‘21’ • 18in x 24in • Oil on Canvas • $2,500


Evening Tofino B.C. • 18in x 24 in • Oil on Linen Canvas • $2,500


Falls of Dochart • 15in x 22in • Watercolour • $1,500


Proud Poppies • 4in x 5in • Watercolour • $500


Samuri • 15in x 22in • Watercolour • $1,500


South of Tweed • 24in x 36in • Oil on Linen Canvas • $3,000


Washington Square • 18in x 24in • Watercolour • $2,000



Colin's Garden 2 • 36in x 48in • Oil on canvas • $4,200


SOLD to N. B.

Colin’s Garden • Parry Sound (Study) • 12in x 16in • Oil on canvas • $850


Elaine Silverman Sturm, Fine Artist, lives in Toronto, Ontario, but is originally from Montreal, Quebec.

Contemporary situations and everyday happenings are just simple fodder to be made into timeless moments by expressing them through her artist's eye. As an observer of faces and human nature, Elaine finds that each person she encounters possesses an endless source of unique characteristics and interest from which to find beauty. Besides portraying the obvious facial features, she delves beneath the surface to connect with and include the spirit. Her motivation is inspired by the narrative of everyday situations, which can look magical in the eye of the beholder, when recreated in paint or charcoal.

Her media of choice in drawing materials ranges from graphite to coloured pencil and charcoal, while for painting, her materials are oils and soft pastels. Her style is realism with influences from Impressionism.

Her trips from as far away as the canals in Amsterdam, to the cathedral architecture of Italy, to the ambiance of Prague, to the market places and cafe scenes in her own local Toronto have provided Elaine with a love for travel, as a tool for inspiration to create her artwork. There is a story in every painting she constructs and shares with the viewer.

She is an honorary member of the Drawing Society of Canada, and she has been a member of the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada (PSEC), accepted into their prestigious juried Art Exhibit at Ogilvy's, in Montreal. Besides being showcased in many different kinds of venues, Elaine was an active participant in The Annual Thyroid Foundation Art Show in Montreal since 2003 and has donated several artworks for auction and charity. Her oil painting of the renowned and respected author, and Dean of the Law School of York University, Toronto, Peter Hogg, was painted upon his retirement and now hangs in Osgoode Hall at the University. The scenes, portraits and figure paintings of people she has made over the years, both living and posthumously, are in collections and homes around the world.

"Talent is a gift from God. He gives us the passion and we honour Him by working hard and passing on the gift through our art."

Elaine feels that if she can use her God-given gift to spread a little happiness and love into someone's life by way of her paintings, then she has used her ability wisely and graciously.


Together, Yet Apart • 24in x 30in • Oil Painting on Wood Panel • $2,650


SOLD to S. A.

When Life Imitates Art • 12in x 16in • Oil Painting on Birch Wood Panel • $1,350


Mastery • 12in x 16in • Oil Painting on Wood Panel • $1,150


Her Sanctuary • 24in x 30in • Oil Painting on Wood Panel • $2,350


The Letter • 24in x 30in • Oil Painting on Wood Panel • $2,350


Umbrella of Love • 20in x 24in • Oil Painting on Wood Panel • $1,750


George A. Walker, master engraver, presents a series of 80 wood engravings celebrating the 80th birthday of one of Canada’s most beloved cultural icons. The Wordless Leonard Cohen Songbook commemorates Cohen’s artistic accomplishments and explores the ways in which the image of Leonard Cohen has appeared in popular culture for a career spanning over six decades.


Popular Edition
Book size: 14.3cm x 1.7cm x 22.3cm • 192 pages
Publisher: Porcupine's Quill; First edition • Sept. 15, 2014


Limited Edition
Created: 2014
Medium: 80 wood engravings hand printed on 250 gm Rising Stonehenge 100% rag archival paper and comes fully bound in cloth with a clamshell protective box.
Book size: 6.25in x 8in x 2.5in • 232 pages printed recto
Edition size: 80 copies signed and numbered


Gilbert Strudwik turned to fine art in 1991 after 35 years as an illustrator/designer, 20 years in Toronto and 16 in Montreal. He has won many awards for his work and has painted and exhibited widely. His most recent solo exhibition was in Athens, Greece in 2006, and his work was greatly accepted. He has painted in Germany, Scotland, England, Portugal and Greece. He and his wife stay in their condo in Crete, Greece each summer from June 1st to August 31st. While he is there Gil Sells his work privately to tourists who visit his outdoor gazebo/studio. He also sells his art through a Gallery in Chania, Crete. He, along with his wife Eva and Colin Shapiro, are the co-founders of the Youthdale Annual Art Exhibition.


Backwater • 24in x 48in • Acrylic on canvas • $2,500


Morning, Ste Agathe des Monts • 30in x 15in • Acrylic on canvas • $1,600


Trilliums • 18in x 36in • Acrylic on canvas • $2,000


Late Winter, Barrie • 16in x 20in • Gouache on wood panel • $900


Deep Woods no. 4 • 8in x 16in • Oil on canvas • $600


Old Friends • 24in x 30in • Gouache on wood panel • $1,800


Abstract? • 24in x 30in • Acrylic on canvas • $1,800


Lilli Gillman’s paintings reflect a need to explore and experiment. For her, art is a continually evolving process. She paint, scrape, erase and layer using acrylic, collage, graphics and textures. The viewer is constantly challenged to form a dialogue created by the design and the visual content.


Early Morning Thoughts • 26x31 • Mixed Media Collage • $1,800


Basket full of Colour • 24x24 • acrylic • $800


Bird Songs • 24x37 • Mixed Media Collage • $1,800


Feeling Loved • 25x37 • Mixed Media Collage • $2,200


Mahla Shapiro followed her dreams and came from Toronto to the west coast to live and work as an artist. She completed her BFA at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and furthered her Art Education at the Ontario College of Art and Design and New York’s School of Visual Art. She subsequently completed a Bachelors of Education from UBC, and works as both an artist and teacher. Striking a balance between work and play in her studio, teaching, and as a young mother to Shiri and Lev, both under three years old; Shapiro most recently had her work in the Vancouver Writer's Fest on Granville Island this month! There, as part of her Open Book Art Collective, she continues to explore the duality and dichotomy of being a visual artist and mother. Themes of longing, time, motherhood and identity can be found through Shapiros' print making, painting, photography and embroidery work, which have taken her around the world. She has completed Visual Art Residencies in both New York and Ireland.


Orange Blocks • $1,000


Blue Blocks • $1,000


Movement and Nature • $2,000

Movement and Nature
A functional, hand embroidered and screen printed clock on linen, framed
A visual response to Elizabeth Gilberts 'The Signiture of all Things'

After living in the fast pace reality of both Toronto and New York I relocated to Vancouver for a calmer, more outdoors lifestyle. The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert speaks to my appreciation for the wilderness and the natural passage of time. Alma also has a profound recognition for the landscape that surrounds her. As a young girl, she learned to tell time by the opening and closing of various flowers, without leaving a trace of human presence on the landscape. The flowers in the field told her when she must return home for dinner.

At five o’clock in the morning, she noticed, the goatsbeard petals always unfolded. At six o’clock, the daisies and globeflowers opened. When the clock struck seven, the dandelions would bloom. At eight o’clock, it was the scarlet pimpernel’s turn. Nine o’clock: chickweed. Ten o’clock: meadow saffron. By eleven o’clock the process began to reverse. At noon, the goatsbeard closed. At one o’clock the chickweed closed. By three o’clock, the dandelions had folded. If Alma was not back to the house with her hands washed by five o’clock-when the globeflower closed and the evening primrose began to open-she would be in trouble.

Through a creative process of drawing the flowers, screen printing them on linen, and embroidering the fine and delicate details; I have created a functional clock that portrays the flowers Alma identifies. Working with three of the five senses: touch, smell and sight; I approach this artwork with meticulous investigation and attention to detail. Much like Alma’s process of scientific research.


The more I change my environment, the more I lose track of myself. Yet I traverse • $1,800

The more I change my environment, the more I lose track of myself. Yet I traverse
A Visual Response to Lianne Dunics Poetry Book, To Love the Coming End
Hand and Machine Enbroidery, wool, and DMC on a Babygate

In reading Dunic's To Love The Coming End, Shapiro explores her own identity of being both a visual artist, and a mother to Shiri and Lev, both of whom are under the age of two and a half. Wrapped up in the day and night demands of babyhood and toddlerhood, Shapiro continues to prioritize and grapple with her identity as a visual artist, and explores this dichotomy in her work. Using quotes found within the text that relate to the notion of longing, motherhood, timing and identity, Shapiro maintains her text focused practice and relies on the weighted craft of embroidery to express her ideas of living this duality.


Rebecca Last is a mid career Canadian artist, committed to the arts with a long time studio in Toronto and since 2001, a second Studio-Cabin at Rice Lake in Northumberland. From 2003 she was represented by Edward Day Gallery and worked and lived as artist in Canada, China and as arts educator for Sheridan College in Oakville and in Italy. In 2007 the Virginia Center for the Arts, in the US awarded her a Fellowship. She lived and taught Visual Art in what was Mainland China at Nanjing N. University - sent by the then Ministry of Culture. Her work has been covered by Toronto Life, CBC, The Toronto Star, Southern Living among others and recently Cottage Life Magazine.

Last’s work explores the fundamental connection between artist, subject and the creative process by employing a semi-automatic painting approach to immediate and built up responses to climatic exposure and phenomenon. For over a decade at Rice Lake, Last has experienced and studied the dynamic effects of perpetually shifting light and energy over this large, volatile body of water. The resulting long term series of paintings have been described as "abstracted realities of built up painted surfaces and jeweled texture… visceral images of raw and unpredictable moments of environmental beauty.”


Venus Returned • 48in x 48in • $8,400


Studies in Light & Energy no 49 • 20in x 40in • $2,900


Cadmium Lake • 30in x 36in • $3,500


Studies in Light & Energy no 144 • 24in x 48in • $3,800



Falling Water • 72in x 48in • $15,600


Lava Field • 36in x 48in • $5,400



Dualities • 36in x 36in • $3,900


Ruth Oppenheim studied art at the University of Cape Town as well as York University. She graduated with a degree in Creative Studies and a Bachelor of Education. Her career has been varied, ranging from puppeteer, potter, teacher and visual arts consultant with York Region Board of Education. She has taught art to children and adults in community centres and schools throughout Ontario. As an art consultant for the York Region School Board, she has written and published curriculum and textbooks on art education. An advocate of arts education, she taught courses at York University and has been a speaker and workshop leader at many conferences across Ontario.

Ruth has always been engaged in making art and she is now able to concentrate on painting full time. Studying with Peter Kolisnyk, John Leonard, Betty Herman, Sadko Hadzihasanovic and Suzanne Metz has enhanced her skills as a painter. She enjoys the physicality of paint and is interested in the texture one can achieve by layering and applying many different ways to the canvass.

Ruth has exhibited in a number of juried and non-juried shows. Her work has been shown in the Leaside Public Library, North York Civic Centre, “Koffler Rocks” at Wychwood Barns for the Koffler Centre of the Arts as well as the Art Square Gallery.

Ruth lives and works in Toronto.


Imagine • 36x30 • Acrylic mixed media on canvas • $900


Other Worlds • 40x20 • Acrylic on canvas • $600


River Dwelling • 12x12 • Acrylic mixed media on canvas • $300


Rushing Waters • 30x40 • Acrylic on canvas • $750


Dreaming of You • 11x14 • Acrylic mixed media on canvas • $300


SOLD to T. B.

Symphony • 30x36 • Acrylic mixed media on canvas • $750


SOLD to T. v. Z.

Seated Nudes • 24x36 • Acrylic mixed media on canvas • $800


Cave Dwelling • 11x14 • Acrylic mixed media on canvas • $300


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