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Forensic Assessment

The Neuropsychiatry program conducts a variety of forensic assessments. This includes assessments for criminal and civil proceedings.  

On the civil side we assess individuals who have medico-legal problems accruing from motor vehicle accidents that result in secondary sleep problems.   Often the claim is about a denial of benefits from an insurance company or for damages following an accident that has resulted in sleep problems.   We assess individuals for fitness to drive, fitness to work in a specific setting and whether shift work has impacted on the person so as to cause a disability. Individuals are assessed for the limitations caused following a head injury, prospects for rehabilitation and extent of brain injury in law suits. Assessments are done in a variety of other civil situations depending on how a neuropsychiatric or sleep problem may impact on a civil legal issue.  

On the criminal side, we assess individuals who have had psychiatric, neuropsychiatric, and sleep related issues that impact on a person’s fitness to stand trial, criminal responsibility, automatism and sleep walking, and mental state at the time of the offense.    Our experts not only prepare reports but also will testify in court.   

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