Sleep in Media - April 2015

April 09, 2015

Exploding head syndrome' common in young people: Nearly one in five startled by loud, non-existent noises
(Science Daily, March 30,2015)

Is too much artificial light at night making us sick?
(Science Daily, March 18,2015)

Sleep apnea during pregnancy is not good for mother or baby
(Science Daily, March 30,2015)

 Treatment of sleep apnea results in greater blood pressure reduction in those with resistant hypertension
(Science Daily, April 3,2015)

Depression, insomnia are strongest risk factors for frequent nightmares
(Science Daily, April 2,2015)

Sleep And Nutrition Go Hand-In-Hand With These 5 Tips
(Huffintonpost, March 30,2015)

Why Doesn't My 4-Month Old Baby Sleep Anymore?
(Huffintonpost, March 23,2015)




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