Sleep in Media - May 2015

May 25, 2015

Children sleep better when they have a nightly bedtime routine
(Science Daily,May 7,2015)

Top tips for better sleep
(Telegraph, May 22,2015)

Top 10 sleeping myths busted
(Telegraph, May 6,2015)

How a bad night's sleep wrecks your skin
(Telegraph, May 21,2015)

Too much sleep could increase chance of a stroke
(Telegraph, May 15,2015)  

Bedroom ideas to help you sleep better
(Telegraph, May 15,2015)

University of Manchester unveils student sleeping pod
(Telegraph, May 11,2015)

How sleep plays a role in depression (and vice versa)
(Globe and Mail, May 20,2015)

Napping my way to nirvana: Learning to love the late-afternoon snooze
(Globe and Mail, May 14,2015)


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