Sleep in Media - January 2012

January 30, 2012

"Study Finds 55 Percent of Nurses Are Overweight or Obese" (ABC News) - Nurses cite irregular sleep schedules as one the of reasons for the study results. 

"Doctors must ask patients about sleep as insomnia is a serious health problem: experts" (The Telegraph) 

"Ian Marchant's top 10 books of the night'" (The Guardian) - Author Ian Marchant shares his ten favourite books about the night and sleep. 

"10 Common Nightmares" (Discovery Network) - Explanations and interpretations for 10 common nightmares.

"Dolphins are multilingual! Scientists record mammals talking 'whale'... in their sleep" (Daily Mail)


January 27, 2012

"Study links sleep apnea and sudden deafness" (Reuters) - New research proposes sleep apnea as possibly related to sudden loss of hearing. 

"Insomniacs Suffer Depression, Heart Woes After Years of Little Sleep" (ABC News) - This article was inspired by an editorial written in the medical journal, The Lancet, by a sleep doctor concerned with how people live with insomnia and the medical care they receive. 

"Can separate beds mean better sex?" (IOL Online)

"Good Night, Sleep Tight: Library program helps preschoolers settle down to read." (Fairfax Connection) - An Australian librarian is running a story time program with sleep-themed books. 


January 25, 2012

"Exhausted new fathers face greater safety risk at work" (The Sydney Morning Herald)

"Researchers losing sleep over prescription of antipsychotics for insomnia" (The Montreal Gazette)

"Sleep after quakes can cement negative memories" (New Zealand Herald)  


January 23, 2012

"Melatonin For A Better Night's Sleep – Maybe?" (Coronado Patch) - Explaining how melatonin can be useful if used correctly. 

"When insomnia is a good thing" (The Globe and Mail) - New research suggests that sleeping soon after an emotionally traumatic event causes memories to be remembered better than if sleep was delayed. 

"Women suffer from sleep apnea, raised heart risks, too" (USA Today) - Researchers show that women with sleep apnea suffer from many of the same symptoms as men. 

"Insomnia: Are we sleepwalking into a crisis?" (The Independent) - An article about the large number of people suffering from insomnia. 

"10 Ways To Beat Insomnia With Cognitive Therapy" (The Huffington Post) - A slide show with sleep tips: 


January 20, 2012

"Is today the most depressing of the year? Blue Monday" (The Montreal Gazette) - An article about the winter blues and the designation of the most depressing day of the year which fell on Monday, January 16 this year. 

At noon on Blue Monday, The Gazette hosted a live chat with Dr. Hani Iskandar, medical chief at the Douglas Institute and associate professor of psychiatry at McGill University, about the winter blues and coping strategies.  The transcript of the chat can be found here

"Practicing Parenting: Getting kids to sleep in their own bed no easy task" (Naples Daily News)

"Learning to live with a mask" (News & Observer) - A thoughtful article about treatments of sleep apnea and the difficulty some patients have adjusting to using the CPAP treatment. 

"Sleeping beauties in school" (The Star) - The author shares her concerns for the students which sleep during classes. 

"The Soothing Voice of Infinite Relaxation May Help With Insomnia" (AppCraver) - A review of the iPhone application Infinite Relaxation, which uses hypnotherapy and music to induce relaxation and hopefully, sleep. 


January 18, 2012

"Ancient Wisdom for Healthy Sleep (Part 1) and (Part 2)" (The Epoch Times) - Information about sleep and how sleep disorders are treated with traditional Chinese medicine.

"Child Sense: Scare away monsters and nightmares" (The Kansas City Star) - Ingenious ways to reassure kids and get them back to sleep after bad dreams.  

"The Sleep Apnea Business Is Booming, And Insurers Aren't Happy" (NPR)

"Why you can't sleep when you're in pain" (CNN) - How chronic pain can effect sleep. 

(ABC News) - A new treatment for "Rebooting the Brain: New Progress in the Treatment of Insomnia"insomnia, based on 24-hour sleep deprivation, is being used to retrain the brain to react differently at bedtime.    


January 13, 2012

"Buying Guide: How To Find The Right Pillow For You (PHOTOS)" (Stylist Home)

"Buzzing hospitals not great for sleep: study" (The Vancouver Sun) - A study led by researchers at the University of Chicago have found hospital rooms to be noisier than recommended for optimal rest.

"Insomniac Norwegians" (Health Canal) - An article about the shift in sleeping patterns of Norwegians in the past thirty years. 

"Sleep apnea and my tale of two not-so-great docs" (Statesman Journal) - Blogger Dick Hughes shares his experiences surrounding his sleep apnea treatment.

"Sleep Apnea: Hidden Illness For Women Can Lead to Real Dangers" (ABC News) - The symptoms of sleep apnea may be more subtle for women, leading to fewer diagnoses.


January 11, 2012

"Babies' sleep problems persist into toddler years" (Reuters)

"Antonio Horta-Osorio: Insomnia and me, The Lloyds boss reveals battle to be allowed to return to work and tells Nick Goodway about his recovery from extreme exhaustion" (The Independent)

"Man 'fights' in his sleep" (St.Louis Today) - An email written by a woman seeking advice about her husband's nightime body movements. 

"Lack of sleep to skipping breakfast: The less-known factors that can give you diabetes" (Daily Mail) - The sleep related issues are snoring, lack of shiftwork and getting less than five hours of sleep per night. 

"Napping: You snooze, you cruise" (USA Today) - An article about the benefits of napping in the workplace.


January 9, 2012

"The Biggest Sleep Stories of 2011: Part II" (The Huffington Post) - Six news stories from July to December. 

"Toddlers grow up grumpy without an afternoon nap" (The Telegraph) - New research shows the effects of missing naps on toddlers. 

"Why Some People Sleep More Than Others" (the New York Times) -


January 6, 2012

"How To Get Your Sleep On Track After The Holidays" (The Huffington Post)

"Poor Sleep May Complicate Young Diabetics' Blood Sugar Control" (U.S. News and World Report) - Researchers have found that poor sleep is having a negative effect on the health and life of young diabetics. 

"How we work, sleep, wind down and pray" (Kuensel Online) - An article examining the results of Bhutan's Gross National Happiness (GNH) Survey for 2010. 

"'No wrong way' to get baby to sleep" (The West Australian) - A study investigating two prominant methods of putting a baby to sleep has found that neither is better, as both foster good sleeping habits. 

"Do you sleep on the wrong side of the bed?" ( - Does sleeping on the left or right side of the bed make for a better sleep? 

"It's the nap-app! Weary father invents iPad solution to sleepless nights after being kept awake by twin babies" (Daily Mail)


January 4, 2011

"The Biggest Sleep Stories of 2011: Part I" (The Huffington Post) - The most interesting sleep stories of the first six months of 2011, part two to follow. 

"Wordstock Interview & Book Review: Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime by Myra Wolfe" (Wired Magazine) - Wired blogger Jonathan Liu, also known as Geekdad, showcases a picture book about a little girl that doesn't want to go to bed. 

"In search of the elusive good night's sleep" (The Calgary Herald) - The author explains how her sleep has been effected through the years.

"Keys to getting a good night's sleep: Implant opens airway to counteract apnea, snoring" ( - A device implanted in the upper right chest, called Upper Airway Stimulation Therapy, is in testing phase as an alternate sleep apnea treatment. 

"Chris Martin has sleep therapy" (The Times of India) - The lead singer of Coldplay opens up about his recurring nightmares. 


January 2, 2011

"US to release pilot fatigue rule after long delay" (Reuters) - In late December the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration unveiled new policies aimed at minimizing pilot fatigue.

"Untreated sleep disorder can lead to accidents" ( - Sleep professionals in Abu Dhabi are seeking to raise awareness of the risks and treatments of sleep apnea. 

"Does shift work plus a poor diet equal an occupational hazard?" (Los Angeles Times)

"Senior Life 101: Sleepless in Silverdale – Part 2" (Bremerton Patriot) - The author looks at how sleep is effected with age and how to deal with insomnia. 

"The best and worst airports to sleep in: Guide offers tips on how to get some shut-eye in a terminal" (News 1130)

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