Sleep in Media - October 2011

October 31, 2011

"Which U.S. City Needs a Nap?" (ABC News)

"Sleep disorders plague vets with head trauma or PTSD" (Reuters)
An interesting study relating sleep apnea and insomnia with head injury and PTSD. 

"Quality sleep eluding snoring toddlers, study finds" (Herald Sun) - Mild snoring causes a change in brain waves producing symptoms similar to sleep apnea in children aged 2-5. 

"Babies 'should sleep in mother's bed until age three'" (The Telegraph) - A pediatrician is in support of co-sleeping because it puts less stress on the baby's heart. 


October 26, 2011

ABC News

"Daylight Savings 2011: Ends Nov. 6, and It's Good for Your Body" - The origin of daylight savings and the effect on our health. 

Radio Times

"The Sleep Diaries" - A five-part radio program on BBC 4 (each episode 15 minutes in length) by poet Paul Farley which explores the history, science and literature of sleep. 

The Huffington Post

"10 Most Sleep-Deprived Cities" - A slideshow of the most sleep-deprived cities in the United States. 

The Times of India

"Sleepless teens tend to gain weight"

New Scientist

"Anti-fatigue drug helps tired doctors – good idea?" - An article considering the implications of sleep-deprived doctors taking the anti-fatigue drug Modafinil. 

Daily Press

"First-time mom sleeps easily with babies near" - An opinion article supporting co-sleeping.

"Top 10 B&Bs Where You Can Sleep With a Ghost" - Ten luxurious B&B's have been selected by as the most haunted in the U.S. 


October 24, 2011

Female First

"Bruxism Awareness Week" - Between October 24 and 30th is Bruxism (or teeth-grinding) Awareness Week, considered the third most common sleep disorder in the UK.

The New York Times

"Not Feeling Rested? Don’t Blame the Mattress" - The author seeks answers about the effectiveness of high-priced mattresses and if there are alternatives. 

Business Week

"Tokyo’s Workers Get Less Sleep Than U.S., Asian Counterparts" - An article based on a new study of 30-60 year old office workers in five countries. 

Fox News

"Too Tired? 5 Ways to Get More Zzzs" - The first part of this article outlines a study explaining that sleeping-in on the weekends is not as helpful as it seems and goes on to give tips on getting more sleep. 

The Washington Post

"Study: Later classes = lower grades"- Students with earlier classes tend to maintain a healthier lifestyle in order to make it to those earlier classes.


October 21, 2011

The Seattle Times

"Babies die in unsafe sleep spots, despite cribs, study finds" - An article about the importance of sage sleep practices for babies. 

Zee News (

"'Alarm clock' that helps wake up fresh from sleep!" - The clock monitors sleeper's sleep stages and postpones ringing alarm until it is easier to wake up. 

Digital Journal

"Study: Adolescents who sleep more score higher in math" - Students who slept between 6 and 9 hours and fell asleep within 15 minutes of going to bed had the highest math scores. 

Imperial College London

"Preliminary study examines effects of 'cognitive enhancement' drug on sleep-deprived doctors" - Doctors were given Modafinil (Alertec) and performed mental and motor tasks to see if their performance was effected. 

AOL Lifestyle UK

"Most Brits would rather go to bed with a book than their partner" - Survey finds many people like to relax before bed by reading or chatting on social media and 20 ways to get better sleep. 

Belfast Telegraph

"Gwyneth Paltrow: I need sleep to look good"


October 19, 2011

The Montreal Gazette

"Teens who work nights have double risk of MS: Study" - Researchers find surprising results that link disruption of teenage circadian rhythms due to shift work to increased risk of developing multiple sclerosis.

New Scientist

"Anthropologist: I slept up a tree to understand chimps" - Researcher Fiona Stewart slept in chimp nests in order to understand why our human ancestors came out of the trees. 

International Herald Tribune

"Chronic insomniac: Dreaming of sleep" - Tips to help insomnia. 

National Public Radio

"Cities Win Dubious Prize: Most Stuffy Noses" - An article about chronic nasal congestion, the effect on night time sleep and the cities with the stuffiest noses. 

"Sleep Apnea Makes Quick Comeback When Breathing Treatment Stops"

USA Today

"New safety guidelines issued to protect infants from SIDs" - The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended two new guidelines regarding crib safety. 


October 17, 2011

The Guardian

"Problem solved: Our 11-year-old has suddenly become scared of sleeping by himself. Should we let him spend the night in our bed?"

Seattle Post Intelligencer

"Why jet lag varies by direction" - New research from the University of Washington proposes an explanation. 

The Globe and Mail

"Sleeping giant pries open Canucks' eyes" - Scientist Pat Byrne is helping the Vancouver Canucks optimize their sleep schedule in order to win more games. 

The Calgary Herald

"Sleep is just what the Dr. ordered for Flames" - Following the Canuck's lead, the Calgary Flames have hired a sleep doctor to help the players maintain a healthy sleep regimin.

The Jerusalem Post

"Alternatively Speaking: Flying high" - Advice about homeopathic remedies which help ease jet lag. 

Penn State Live

"Psychologists chase down sleep demons" - An article about psychologists that are studying 50 years of sleep paralysis research. 


October 14, 2011

Medical News

"OBESITY: Sleep Apnea Cut With Weight-Loss Program" - Patients in an intensive four-year weight loss program saw lasting effects on sleep apnea, even when some gained wight back.  Researchers believe that exercising helped better sleep apnea more than weight loss alone.

Whole Living Online

"Better Sleep" - The Martha Stewart magazine Whole Living has a website featuring articles aimed at getting better sleep.  They range from stress reduction tips and crafts (making lavender eye pillows) to exercises and alternative therapies (Qi Gong, acupuncture). 

FYI Living

"Could Sleep Disorders Lead to Aggressive Behavior in Children?" - Outlining an article attempting to link whether aggressive behavior is linked to sleep-disordered breathing. 

The Daily Athenaeum

"Professor’s study focuses on sleep patterns of new mothers"

Medical daily

"Lack of Sleep, Light at Night Can Raise Cancer Risk?" - An article about the potential cancer-causing risk of excess light at night and the effect on melatonin levels. 

The Daily Telegram

"Tween bedtime success? It’s possible" - How to create a bedtime routine for older children.


October 12, 2011

Public Radio International

"Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Warns Against TV and Online Dream Interpreters" - The PRI radio program The World, looks at the significance of dreams and dream interpretation in the Middle East.  (The recording is 3:07 minutes). 

The Tribune Express

"New app uses brainwaves to track sleep quality" - A company called Zeo has created a smart phone app that records the quantity and quality of sleep from a headband worn while sleeping. 

The New York Times

"Really? The Claim: Sleep Apnea Causes Sexual Problems" - Researchers think sleep apnea may cause sexual dysfunction in men and women by effecting sex hormone levels.

"Sleep apnea treatment studied at University Hospitals Case Medical Center" - An article about a device implanted in the chest which stimulates the main nerve of the tongue, keeping the airway open during sleep.

BBC News

"Twitter 'offers world mood clues'" - Researchers from Cornell University have been gathering information about the moods of people through out the day and seasonally from the contents of their tweets.  They believe that emotional state is closely related to sleep and the biological clock.  

CBS News

"Restless legs syndrome tied to high blood pressure in women"


October 10, 2011

New Zealand Herald

"Sleep shortage a trigger for post natal depression" - Researchers find many mothers underestimate the emotional effects of sleep deprivation. 

The Chronicle Herald

"U-Sleep aims to keep truckers alert, safe" - U-Sleep is a web-based computer program which allows patients to monitor their CPAP usage and effectiveness.

"ADHD: The role of diet and sleep" - Dr. Claudia Gold asserts her view that focusing on relationships within the family dynamic should be prioritized higher than sleep and diet.


October 7, 2011

Herald Sun

"Landmark study reveals dangers of sharing bed with babies" - The coroner of Victoria, Australia warns of the risks of co-sleeping. 

St.Louis Beacon

"Project aims to help black moms put babies 'back to sleep'" - A program distributing information about safe sleeping practices for babies has been initiated in St.Louis, Missouri. 

BBC News

"'Tidal wave' of sleep disorders" - Scottish sleep doctors have seen an unprecedented rise in patients referred to them in the last three years, with obesity as a factor as well. 

USA Weekend

"Get a good night's sleep" - The Doctors give advice on the benefits of good sleep and how to get it.

The Wall Street Journal

"The Next Nightmare May Lurk in the Medicine Cabinet" - An article and video explaining why some medications cause nightmares and advice on how to deal with them.

CBS Interactive Business Network

"The Steep Price of Insomnia" - An installation of the Entry-Level Rebel blog. 


October 5, 2011

5 sleep myths that are making you more tired

"Hotel guests lose sleep over snoring, noises" - The lengths hotels and guests go to ensure a good nights sleep. 

The Washington Post

"Salary vs sleep: Which would you pick?" - While not specifically about sleep, this article helps to explain why so many people get so little sleep.

"Toddler is refusing to sleep in her own bed" - Good advice for tired parents. 


October 3, 2011

The Huffington Post

"11 Steps for Getting A Good Night's Sleep" - Though this is an older article, it is still full of great practical advice on sleep hygiene. 

"Hypnotize Yourself To Good Sleep" - An article explaining the benefits of hypnosis with regards to insomnia. 

ABC News

OnCall+ Sleep - This website has all of the videos and articles ABC News has produced about sleep and sleep disorders.  At the top of the page is the OnCall+ Sleep Center were questions about sleep and sleep disorders are answered. 


Science: Human Body and Mind - Puberty - How puberty effects sleep in teenagers. 

National Post

"Study finds rest is best for grades" - A teacher from Toronto has started researching the sleep of  her students. 

"University students who take early classes get better grades: study"


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