Sleep in Media - July 2011

July 29, 2011

The New York Times Website

These links are from a main website called Patient Voices (  The links contain 5-7 recorded interviews with people who suffer with these medical problems.  They are well done and informative.


Restless Leg Syndrome:

Sleep Apnea:

Huffington Post

"Remembering REM: The Lost Art And Science Of Dreaming" - Dr.Ruban Nainman shares his feelings on the importance of dreaming in one's life. 

"The Great Wake-Up Program: My Dysfunctional Relationship With Sleep" - The author and 9 other colleagues at Huffington Post are undertaking a 4-week program to increase the quality of their sleep and hopefully their lives and health.  A company called LARK runs the program and provides sleep monitoring and coaching by sleep experts.  From scanning the LARK website ( the cornerstone of their program is the use of a program and wristband that hooks up to an iphone and monitors the patient's sleep.  The data is compiled and patients meet with a sleep coach to make better sleep habits.  I understand if you do not use this article as it is an elaborate advertisement with a good message.  However, it could be helpful for people who do not have a diagnosed sleep disorder and would like to improve their health.  


July 27, 2011

BBC News Website

"Fragmented sleep 'harms memory'" - Describes study that links continuous night-time sleep and memory function, goes on to talk about sleep apnea.

"Swine flu jab 'narcolepsy risk'" - Article outlines how the H1N1 flu vaccine Pandemrix may be linked to increased number of cases of narcolepsy in children and adolescents since the swine flu outbreak in 2009.

"Sleep patterns affect weight loss" - Researchers conducting a study with obese patients found that sleep time, neither too much nor too little, was important for long term weight loss. 

"One lie-in 'not enough to counter sleep loss" - Sleeping in on a weekend may not be enough to remedy tiredness from a week of little sleep.

Discover Magazine

"20 Things You Didn't Know About...Sleep"  This is a monthly column from Discover Magazine that appears on the very last page.  They pick a different subject every month, this one is sleep and is a bit of fun. 

National Geographic Magazine Website

Long but interesting article about sleep disorders (mostly insomnia and sleep apnea), sleep studies and ends with a contrast of sleeping habits around the world.  There are other sections on this page which compliment the article: a photogallery, a quiz called: Need More Sleep?, Sleep Through the Ages, and The Brain in Slumber (neat interactive drawings of the brain and how these areas relate to sleep):   


July 25, 2011

The Globe and Mail (

"Sleep your way to a healthy weight" - Explains study which linked lack of sleep and a reduced  metabolic rate. 

"Eight ways to get a better sleep" - Sleep hygiene list 

"Sleepless nights can cause short-term euphoria: study" - Missing a nights sleep increases activity in the part of the brain regulates positive feelings.  However, it also effects decision making.

"Light therapy improves sleep: experts" - Short and informative video (1:52 minutes) telling the possible effectiveness of light on mood and sleep.

"Teen insomnia linked to cellphone use" - Not a great article because it is vague and sensationalist, so I did a Google search and found this article from Time Health website.  Even though it is not a recent article, it is much more balanced and has more information on cell phones, working and how that is effecting the amount of sleep people get.   

Can't sleep? Try yoga A fascinating article about how some people are treating their chronic insomnia with nidra or sleep yoga.  Used for relaxation and to increase sleep quality. There is also a 4-minute instructional video at the bottom of the page.   

Does co-sleeping mean the end of sex? - Article is about cosleeping and the reaction to an Opinion piece Erica Jong wrote for the New York Times.  In Ms.Jong's Op-ed, she contrasts sexual attitudes between her and her daughter's generation.  The co-sleeping article outlines the backlash against Ms. Jong's article and refutes that co-sleeping is not the end of sex in a marriage.

The link for the Erica Jong opinion piece for the New York Times

USA Today website 

"Sleep-deprived people eat 300 more calories a day" - Details study from Columbia University 

"Sleep Matters" Blog by Dr.Qanta Ahmed - An okay blog about the different aspects sleep hygiene.  I have read 4 postings, they tend to say the same thing over and over again, very wordy.


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