Sleep in Media - September 2011

September 28, 2011

CNN Health

"Sleep-deprived teens take more risks" - Teens who consistantly sleep less than eight hours a night were more likely to engage in behaviours that are not considered healthy, such wide-ranging behaviours as drinking too many sugary beverages to thinking about suicide. 

"The many possible causes of bedwetting" - The sleep physician focuses on sleep apnea in children as one cause of bedwetting. 

Kelowna Capital News

"Interior Health to review hundreds of KGH sleep studies" - Two doctors at the Kelowna General Hospital sleep clinic have been misinterpreting sleep study results for the past four years. 

The Sun Times

"Normal human beings wake up before sunrise" - A tongue-in-cheek editorial about rising early.

The Guardian

"Insomnia and literature - new series on Radio 3" - BBC Radio 3 will air a series, The Darkest Hour, between October 3-7 featuring five writers and their relationship with insomnia. 

"Putting sleeping sickness on the radar" - Scientist Amy Capes, the most recent winner of the Mex Perutz Science Writing Award, explains her work battling sleeping sickness. 

The Globe and Mail

"Teenagers text even in their sleep"


September 26, 2011

BBC News

"Scottish teenagers to receive sleep training in schools" - The charity Sleep Scotland has created a curriculum which teaches the importance of sleep. 

The Times of India

"What is Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome?"

International Business Times

"More Than a Sleep Indicator, Yawning Cools the Brain Naturally" - Researchers link yawning with increase in brain temperature and that yawn frequency changes seasonally. 

Los Angeles Times

"Sleepless in Glendale" - An op-ed about the authors battle with insomnia.

"The Healthy Skeptic: NightWave light pulse promises better sleep" - A critique of new product on the market that helps people fall asleep. 

The Huffington Post

"Why Nighttime Calories Are Worse for Your Waist"


September 23, 2011

Gulf News website

"Insomnia epidemic grips city" - How sleep and sleep disorders are viewed in Dubai, UAE and why so many residents have insomnia.

"The value of children's bedtime stories" - A lovely article about the benefits of reading to children at bedtime, tips on how to start and what to read. 

"Off the Cuff: The great longing for sleep" - A journalist taking part in the bicycle race, Ride Across America, tells of the long hours and little sleep. 

Huffington Post

"Sleep Deprivation: Why More Couples Are Spending The Night Apart" - The author weighs the positive and negative consequences of sleeping in separate rooms. (Boston Globe)

"What to do with a preschooler who won't stay in bed" - Pediatric sleep specialist, Dr. Dennis Rosen, advises parents on bedtime practices to ensure good sleep habits.  page=1

The Telegraph

"Healthy sleeping habits could cut obese teens' diabetes risk" - A new study has found that glucose levels are most stable in teens when they sleep 7.5 to 8.5 hours at night.  Thus, good sleep habits might reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes for teens at risk. 


September 21, 2011

The Toronto Star

"Is 'sleep-texting' for real?" - While looking for articles for this site, I have come across many references to sleep-texting.  This is an older article, from 2008, but it describes the situation and science behind it the best. 

Pakistan Observer

"Lack of sleep ups risk of colon cancer" - Researchers have found a 50% increased risk of colon adenomas (a precursor of colon cancer) in people who get less than 6 hours sleep per night.   

BBC Health

"Sleep in later years" - A website talking about how sleep changes as we get older, problems that can occur and what can be done to help get good sleep. 

Popular Science

"Wireless Network Accurately and Inexpensively Monitors Patients' Breathing" - A researcher at the University of Utah has created sensors to accurately monitor the breathing of patients and wirelessly transmit the data to nearby computers. 

-"Shredder Clock Destroys Your Money Unless You Wake Up"

Radio Lab

"Sleep" - An wonderfully amusing hour-long podcast covering why we sleep, sleep and memories, sleep deprivation and dream research. 


September 19, 2011

The Philippine Star

"The latest buzz on melatonin and omega-3 supplements" - Good, balanced information about melatonin and omega-3. 

The Oklahoman/ News OK

"Why your child needs more sleep and how to help him or her get it" - The story of an Oklahoma boy whose sleep problems are effecting his school day and more children's sleep information.

Forbes Magazine

"Will You Sleep Better in a $55,000 Bed?" - The company slogan says it all, "Spend a third of your life in First Class". 

BBC Website

"The man who produces art in his sleep" - An incredible video of an artist. 

Times of India

"It's bad news if your parents are insomniac!" - Researchers propose a familial link with insomnia, however it is unknown whether it is genetic or environmental. 


September 16, 2011

The New York Times

"Lights Out, Game On" - An article chronicling the growing market for products based around maximizing sleep quality. 

"A Child’s Nap Is More Complicated Than It Looks" - New research about why children nap reveals complex results. 

BBC News

"Primary pupils 'need nine hours of sleep" - The latest study to emphasize the importance sleep for children, especially in regard to learning. 


"Night owls have more nightmares, study claims" - Those who go to bed late and sleep in are more likely to negatively effect their circadian rhythm causing poor sleep.

"Parental Counseling May Help Kids' Sleep" - An article outlining an Australian study that screened children entering grade 1 for sleep disturbances and offered sleep counselling to parents. 


September 14, 2011

The Vancouver Sun

"Insomnia findings a wake-up call for Canadians: Researchers" - Researchers from Laval University in Quebec find a surprisingly large number of sleep problems they are not seeking help for and more worryingly self-medicating.

Chicago Sun Times

University study links school bullying to lack of sleep - A study reports that lack of sleep effects children differently making them more irritable, causing problems at school.

Daily Mail Online

"Why women's dreams are much wilder than men's... who often don't remember them because they are so dull" - Women often have more complicated and vivid dreams because of their biology. 


September 12, 2011

The Times of India

(Note: The Times of India tends to put advertisements in the middle of articles, the remainder of the article is below the ad.)

"Sleep apnea ups pregnancy outcome risk" - Severe sleep apnea can effect the prevelence of premature birth and gestational diabetes. 

"Aerobics help improve sleep, mood" - Aerobics increased quality of sleep in middle-aged and older insomnia patients. 

"I sleep at 10 when doing South films: Mukul Dev" - Bollywood actor Mukul Dev talks about his experience working in a new area. 

"Are you paralyzed in sleep?" - An informative article that explains the causes and treatments of  sleep paralysis. 

"Sleep like a baby" - A guide for getting better sleep by Yoga guru Surakshit Goswami. 

"Now, wear a 'sleep tie' to office"


September 9, 2011

Calgary Herald

"Sleep deprived? Tiredness leaves shift workers struggling with health issues" - Sleep hygiene tips for shift workers.

The Guardian

"Hands off our sleeping habits -  The sleep police are at it again, telling us where, when and how much we need" - A humorous opinion-piece about sleep. 

Radio Netherlands

"Sleepy Heads Unite!" - The founder of the B-Society believes the world should be more accommodating to those who have difficulty waking up early. 

"Fancy sleeping in a rescue capsule?" - The top 5 strangest hotels in the Netherlands, from trams and a plane, to a giant sculpture of the human digestive system. News

"Study promotes safe sleeping for babies" - A news clip from CTV Calgary. 


September 7, 2011

Independent Online (IOL)

"Don’t touch that snooze button!" - Why waking up in the morning is hard for some and how to make it easier.

"Asleep... for a week" - A woman suffering from Kleine-Levin Syndrome shares her experiences. 

"Can we control our dreams?" - An article about the significance of dreams and using the 'dream incubation' technique to work through personal issues.

The Vancouver Sun

"Sleepyheads don't learn as easily" - The author presents his views on the complex relationship between school and teenage sleep. 

CBC News

"Pilot safety rules delayed by charter, cargo airlines" - The Federal Aviation Administration has delayed safety regulations aimed at decreasing pilot error due to exhaustion.

"Coffin serves as Friday-night bed for Brazilian"


September 5, 2011

The New York Times

"Really? The Claim: To Reduce Heartburn, Don’t Eat Four Hours Before Bed"

The Huffington Post

"Women More Likely To Lose Sleep Over Finances Than Men, Study Says" - An online survey cites that the top reasons for sleeplessness is 'finances' for women and 'nothing' for men. 

"Lack Of Sleep Could Lower Men's Sex Drives" - Recent studies have shown a marked decrease in testosterone levels with lack of sleep. 

"The Sleep Problems You May Not Know You Have" - An article warning about the effects  unreported sleep problems have on patient health and the health care system. 

USA Today - Your Life: Sleep Matters

"Self-medicating and sleep disorders" - Dr. Qanta Ahmed talks about the dangers of using alcohol  and over-the-counter medications to treat sleep disorders.

"Daniel Rubin: He loves the dog, but not in bed" - A humorous article about pets and sleep. 


September 02, 2011

PR News Wire

"Short Sleep Duration Common Among Redeployed Soldiers" - Based on recent study results, U.S. Army researchers suggest screening redeployed soldiers for sleep problems to prevent and treat future health risks associated with combat. 

The Globe and Mail

"Sleepless? Blame yellowing lenses" - With age the lenses in the eyes deteriorate causing a yellow filter which blocks blue light from reaching the back of the eye.  Danish researchers feel this lack of blue light may be one reason why older populations to have poorer sleep.

Female First Website

"Parents need to show more consideration for their child's sleeping patterns" - Contrasting US and UK viewpoints on children’s sleep. 

The Wall Street Journal

"Listening to Shhhh in the City" - An article about the increasing popularity of white noise downloads and how people are using them for relaxation and sleep. 

SF Gate (San Fransisco Chronicle Website)

"Sleep Apnea Research Lead Dentists back to the Classroom" - Disregarding the ad for the school, it is an interesting article showing how dentists are taking an interest in the quality of their patient's sleep. 

Macleans Online

"University students with early classes sleep more, not less" - A short, but informative article.

"The war on snoring heats up" - An article chronicling the latest fads and advances being used to combat snoring. 

Finally, here is a silly web video of a dog demonstrating snoring, courtesy of The Huffington Post:


September 01, 2011

Autism activist Temple Grandin talks about how her mind works -- sharing her ability to "think in pictures," which helps her solve problems that neurotypical brains might miss. She makes the case that the world needs people on the autism spectrum: visual thinkers, pattern thinkers, verbal thinkers, and all kinds of smart geeky kids.


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