Sleep in Media - September 2012

September 26, 2012

Here are two articles about a new product designed for napping in public, 
the Ostrich Pillow.  The Toronto Sun article ("Ostrich pillow" staves off jet lag?") is more informative, while the Sydney Morning Herald ("Cure for jet-lag? Meet the 'Ostrich Pillow" ) has better photos.

"Why You Feel So Cranky on Fridays" (Cosmopolitan)

"Why You Can't Sleep Through the Night" (The Huffington Post)

"Jet lag may soon be history" (The Times of India)

"Snoring cleared of health worries" (Stuff New Zealand)


September 21, 2012

"Sleep apnoea in pregnancy could harm health of both mother and baby" (Daily Mail)

"Poor Sleep May Make High Blood Pressure Worse" (U.S. News and World Report)

"Catching up on sleep is a tricky game: That extra snooze on Sunday delays your internal clock, leaving you tired on Monday: specialist" (Vancouver Sun) 

"Ask Dr. Dave: Can You Train Yourself to Need Less Sleep?" (Yahoo News)

"Another way too little sleep wreaks havoc on your health" (The Globe and Mail)


September 19, 2012

"Gadgets to Help New Parents Sleep" (The New York Times)

"Puberty turned on by brain during deep sleep" (Jerusalem Post)

"Smokers may have more sleep problems: study" (Edmonton Journal)

"Sleep your way to the top: 6 steps to power napping" (Chicago Tribune)


September 14, 2012

"Rising incomes, changing diets causing sleep apnea in China" (Reuters)

"Antidepressants, sleeping pills raise driving risk" (CBC News)

"Sleep better tonight (finally!)" (The Toronto Star) - Sleep hygiene tips.

"Air Naps At The Huffington Post's Oasis: Sleep To Promote Rejuvenation In Corporate America" (The Huffington Post)

"Insomnia has many causes" (Santa Maria Times) - An article about the importance of sleep after a cancer diagnosis. 


September 12, 2012

"Where Traffic Noise Takes A Toll On Health" (NPR)

"How Sleep Deprivation Affects Our Attractiveness And Approachability" (The Huffington Post)

"Can tablet screens disrupt sleep?" (The Guardian)

"Feel tired on Mondays? Don’t lie in at weekends" (The Telegraph)


September 10, 2012

"Delaying school start: Why it's harder for teens to get up in the morning" (CBC News)

"Apnea steals sleep from the restless" (San Francisco Chronicle)

"A better night's sleep for families with disabled children" (The Guardian)

"Test Tomorrow? Get Your Sleep" (PBS Newshour)

"Hands-off approaches OK for sleepless infants, study says" (CNN Health)


September 7, 2012

"Am I Dreaming More Because It's Summer?" (The Atlantic)

"Sleep apnea ups cancer death risk" (The Times of India)

"Colleges wake up to notion that better sleep means better grades" (The Washington Times)

"Testosterone dips in dads who sleep beside their kids" (The Globe and Mail)


September 4, 2012

"Poor Sleep Among Preschoolers May Be Tied to Special Ed Needs Later" (U.S. News and World Report)

"Got a big decision to make? Sleep on it" (CNN)

"Insomnia for Beginners: ‘Lucy Can’t Sleep’ by Amy Schwartz, and More" (The New York Times)

"Sleep Apnea and Poverty: How Socioeconomics Impacts Proper Diagnosis And Treatment" (The Huffington Post)
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