Sleep in Media - June 2015

June 29, 2015

Causal pathway may link job stress, sleep disturbances
(Science Daily,June 30,2015)

For women with bipolar disorder, sleep quality affects mood
(Science Daily,June 30,2015)

Calcium channel essential for deep sleep identified
(Science Daily, June 27,2015)

Sleep disturbances are common, influenced by race and ethnicity
(Science Daily,June 19,2015)

Access to electricity is linked to reduced sleep
(Science Daily, June 19,2015)

New sleep genes found
(Science Daily, June 18,2015)

Hormone fluctuations disrupt sleep of perimenopausal women
(Science Daily, June 15,2015)

Lack of sleep affects long-term health
(Science Daily, June 16,2015)

Improve your nights sleep with these six foods
(Telegraph, June 23,2015)

Why are men so much better at sleeping than women?
(Telegraph, June 25,2015)


June 18, 2015

Neuroscience and psychology paint more complete picture of sleep and memory
(Science Daily, June 11,2015)

Researchers isolate smallest unit of sleep to date
(Science Daily, June 9,2015)

Partial sleep deprivation linked to biological aging in older adults
(Science Daily, June 10,2015)

Lack of sleep affects long-term health
(Science Daily, June 15,2015)

Sleep duration, quality may impact cancer survival rate
(Science Daily, June 10,2015)

Sleep apnea tied to diabetes in large study
(Science Daily, June 6,2015) 

Eating less during late night hours may stave off some effects of sleep deprivation
(Science Daily, June 4,2015) 

Poor sleep associated with increased risk of heart attack, stroke
(June 15,2015)

Sleep after learning strengthens connections between brain cells and enhances memory
(Science Daily, June 5,2015) 


June 09, 2015

5 Sleep Problems Nobody Talks About
(Time, June 6,2015)

How sleep helps us learn and memorize
(Science Daily, May 28,2015)

The less you sleep, the more you eat
(Science Daily, June 1,2015)

Poor sleep linked to toxic buildup of Alzheimer's protein, memory loss
(Science Daily, June 1,2015)

Sleep quality influences cognitive performance of autistic, neurotypical children
(Science Daily, May 28,2015)

Despite abnormalities after concussion, sleep continues to aid memory and recall
(Scence Daily, June 4,2015) 


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