Sleep in Media - November 2011

November 30, 2011

"Babies sleep better following afternoon vaccines" (Reuters) - A study suggests that babies who receive vaccines later in the day are made less uncomfortable and resulting in more sleep.    

"The Thatcher gene: Scientists discover secret of internal alarm clock that allows some to get by on just four hours' sleep" (Daily Mail Online)

"Shakespeare can teach doctors about mind-body link" (CNN) - Dr.Kenneth Heaton of the University of Bristol has found that references to psychological issues and their physical symptoms are more common in Shakespeare's works than his contemporaries. 


November 28, 2011

"Dreaming 'eases painful memories'" (BBC News) - Scientists at UC Berkeley probe the connection between dreams and memories. 

"Sleep deprived on Black Friday" (CNN) - Even though Black Friday shopping has passed, here are good tips for shopping when tired, or a headstart for next year. 

"Indian call centre workers 'depressed and hooked on drugs'" (The Telegraph) - A study conducted by the Indian Sleep Disorders Association shows the effects of shift work. 

"Insomnia drug for middle of the night wakers approved by FDA" (USA Today)

"Sleeping in Style" (The Ithacan) - The latest trend in camping?  Quirky sleeping bags. 

"The Animated Life: In Your Dreams" (The New York Times) - An animation by artist Jeff Scher of his wife in repose. 


November 25, 2011

"Insomnia: Britons' health 'at risk' as 50% fail to get enough sleep" (The Guardian) - The Great British Sleep Survey has once again been conducted and insomnia and it's ill-effects have topped the list.

"A Mediterranean Diet Might Help Sleep Apnea Sufferers" (WJBK Fox 2 Detroit)

"The Sleep Chart Challenge – Revisions – Windsor Parents Still Tired" (The Windsor Star) - An update on the author's Sleep Chart Challenge with her children. 

"Alcohol and Sleeping Pills: The 'Perfect' Night's Sleep?" (Huffington Post) - An informative article about how sleeping pills work and the dangers of mixing them with alcohol. 

"Mobile Workers Working Longer, Sleeping And Exercising Less" (Beta Byte) - A survey conducted by iPass finds people who must stay connected to work through mobile devices are having trouble striking a balance between work and everything else. 

"Terror in the night" (The Standard) - An article about sleep or night terrors in children and available treatments. 


November 23, 2011

"Survey: Students lose sleep due to homework" (China Daily) - A poll conducted by the Xuhui District Education Bureau has found that math homework is keeping students awake at night.

"With child, without sleep: Study examines why there’s no rest for pregnant women" (The Toronto Sun) - An article about possible sleep complications during pregnancy. 

"Snoring dormouse is internet hit" (The Telegraph) - A silent video of a hibernating dormouse found by a Surrey Wildlife Trust nature officer is sweeping the internet. 

"More kids than ever have trouble sleeping; here's why" (Detroit Free Press) - Sleep specialists in Michigan have seen an increase in young patients recently. 

"A (working) mom's solution for sleep deprivation" (Irish Central) - The author explains how with 5 children, a dog and an equally tired husband, a business trip is the only time she gets a descent night's sleep. 

"Sleep apnea disorder poses risks, but is treatable" (USA Today) - Profiling the effects and treatments of sleep apnea. 

"So You Think You Can Be a Morning Person?" (The New York Times Magazine) - Health blogger Tara Parker-Pope gives advice on how to shift your internal clock to become more of a morning person. 


November 21, 2011

"Why Won't My Toddler Stay Asleep? Expert Advice For Sleep-Deprived Parents" (The Huffington Post) - An article and video giving advice and support for parents. 

"Key To Long Marriage: Sleep Apart" (KETV 7 Omaha) - An Omaha couple says the trick to their long marriage has been separate bedrooms. 

"People are sending text messages while they are asleep, says specialist" (The Herald Sun)

"Tired Windsor Parents Embrace Sleep Chart Challenge" (The Windsor Star) - The author introduces a bedtime routine for her children using a 'sleep chart'. 

"Staving off junior jet lag" (CNN) - Tips for minimizing jet lag in children. 

"Why Are We Depriving Our Teens of Sleep?" (Time Ideas) - An article supporting later school start-times for teens. 


November 18, 2011

"The Sleep-Weight Connection: Gender Matters" (Huffington Post) - An article about the effects of body-mass index (BMI) on sleep. 

"Contrarian clock that defies sleep and logic" (Hindustan Times) - The author explains the normal workings of circadian rhythms and what happens when there are problems. 

"Moncton High program battles sleepy students" ( - A new program launched at Moncton High School has students changing their daily routines in order to get more sleep. 

"Old demons of snoring and money keep us up" ( - The results of a survey, conducted by IKEA, taken by 3000 British adults. 

"Japanese create cuddly robot to cure snoring" (The Telegraph) - Scientists have created a teddy-bear pillow which encourages the sleeper to roll-over, with out waking them, when snoring loudly. 


November 16, 2011

"Sleep problems triple women's risk of developing fibromyalgia" (CNN Health) - A study from Norway has linked sleep deprivation to increased risks of future fibromyalgia; however, the exact cause of his is not fully known. 

"Dr. Bonnie's Tips on Alleviating Stress-induced Sleep Deprivation" (San Francisco Chronicle) - Helpful tips from Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil about minimizing stress in order to get better sleep. 

"Do new moms have to be sleep deprived?" (The Toronto Star) - Nursing scientist Robyn Stremler has launched a study looking into sleep in pregnant women and new mothers in order to help them get better sleep. 

"Exercise puts teens to a peaceful sleep" (The Times of India) - More exercise, and less computer time, daily helps teenagers get a better night's sleep. 

"Bad tempered, forgetful, and too scared to call a friend: my life as an insomniac" (The Guardian) - Reporter Geraint Vincent took part in a documentary where his sleep schedule was altered to make him feel like he has insomnia.  The result is an emotional look at the toll of insomnia and sleeplessness on everyday life. 

"Sleep paralysis more frequent in students" (

"Should Babies Co-Sleep With Their Parents?" (NPR) - An interesting article looking at both sides of the co-sleeping debate. 


November 15, 2011

"Cherry juice can help get a good night's sleep" (The Telegraph) - While conducting a study about the advantages of drinking tart cherry juice after strenuous exercise, the researchers made a surprising discovery.

"Sleep doesn't help old folks remember" (Science News) - Past research has shown the memory-boosting effects of sleep, however this study found the opposite for the participants aged 50-80 years old. 

"Bad things that might be good for you: Sloth, Red meat and sex" (The Vancouver Sun) - The first part of this article explains how napping can be good for you, as long as the nap is long enough. 

"Can’t sleep on the road?" (The Miami Herald) - Helpful tips for getting sleep while traveling. 

"Setting mood for sleep" (The Vancouver Sun) - Simple design ideas to make the bedroom more inviting. 

"Is getting too much sleep a health risk?" (The Globe and Mail)

"What Parents Will Do for Sleep" and "Lying to Get My Children More Sleep" (The New York Times) - Two postings from the blog, Motherlode: Adventures in Parenthood, about the importance of sleep to kids and moms and the lengths the author will go to get it.


November 4, 2011

"Restless Sleeper? You May Be Feeling Lonely" (Time Healthland) - Researchers have found that study participants who feel lonely have more interupted sleep which may lead to poorer health.   

"How the Lion--and the Platypus--Sleeps at Night" (Time Photos) - A photo-essay about the sleep habits of different animals. 

"Risks: Chronic Insomnia Raises Threat to Heart" (The New York Times) - New research from Norway which followed over 52,000 men and women for 11 years has linked chronic insomnia with higher risk of heart attacks. 

"Eat to sleep" (MSN-NZ) - How vitamins, or lack of, can effect sleep quality. 

"No evidence baby devices prevent SIDS" (The Globe and Mail) - Doctors warn that products marketed as SIDS-preventing give a false sense of security to parents and that none have been proven effective in scientific studies. 

"Coming Out of the Cold: Treating Your Seasonal Affective Disorder" (The Atlantic) - An informative article about causes and many different treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

"Sleep Apnea, Gout, and Obesity" (CNN Health) - Severe sleep apnea may lead to gout, however more research is needed. 


November 2, 2011

"Poor sleep in pregnancy tied to preterm birth" (Los Angeles Times) - Poor sleep, especially in the first and third trimester, may cause premature birth. 

"Get Some Sleep: Fall back tips" (CNN Health) - Recommendations for coping with the end of daylight savings. 

"Five pets = endless nights of zero sleep" (Edmonton Journal) - A humorous article written by an animal-lover with a dilemma. 

"Sleeping beauty: Want to get up and glow? You need a night-time skincare regime" (Daily Mail Online) - More than just beauty advice, this article talks about the science of sleep and skin appearance. 

"Study: Sleep Disorder Tied to Left-Handedness" (Geek-o-system) - Researchers have linked periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD) and left-handedness and look forward to future studies. 

"Cultivate The Perfect Evening Routine To Avoid Insomnia" (Lifehacker) - Sound advice for the day and night. 


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