Sleep in Media - July 2014

July 17, 2014

Twin study links community socioeconomic deprivation to sleep duration (Science Daily, July 02, 2014)

High testosterone may predict more shallow sleep in overweight or obese men (Science Daily, June 23, 2014)  

Time of day crucial to accurately test for diseases, new research finds (Science Daily, July 07, 2014)

The less older adults sleep, the faster their brains age, new study suggests (Science Daily, July 01, 2014)

Contradictory findings about effect of full moon on sleep (Science Daily, July 8, 2014)

No rest for the bleary: Interrupted sleep can be as physically detrimental as no sleep at all (Science Daily, July 8, 2014)

Sleep disturbances, common in Parkinson's disease, can be early indicato r of disease onset (Science Daily, July 10, 2014)

Sleep deprivation leads to symptoms of schizophrenia, research shows (Science Daily, 07, 2014)   

How you cope with stress may increase your risk for insomnia (Science Daily, July 3, 2014)

Get a good night of uninterrupted sleep, eat an apple to boost your sex life and drink less alcohol (Telegraph, July 11, 2014)


July 04, 2014

Little or poor sleep may be associated with worse brain function when aging (Science Daily, June 26, 2014)

Does the moon affect our sleep? Research says no (Science Daily, June 17, 2014)

Sleep quality, duration improve cognition in aging populations (Science Daily, June 16, 2014)  

Immune response affects sleep and memory (Sciene Daily, June 12, 2014)

REM sleep disturbance signals future neurodegenerative disease (Science Daily, June 9, 2014)

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