Sleep in Media - January 2015

Jan 26, 2015

Sleep tight and stay bright? Invest now, researcher says
(Science Daily, January 22,2015)

Why all-nighters don't work: How sleep, memory go hand-in-hand
(Science Daily, January 23,2015)

Pre-sleep drinking disrupts sleep
(Science Daily, January 17,2015)

Sleep difficulties in adolescents can predict alcohol, drug problems
(Science Daily, January 17,2015)

Sleep well in middle age to stay sharp in later life
(Telegraph, January 23,2015)

Hayfever drugs raise risk of Alzheimer's disease, say scientists
(Telegraph, January 23,2015)

Jet lag pill developed that fools body into thinking day is night
(Telegraph,January 19,2015)


Jan 15, 2015

Napping helps infants' memory development
(Science Daily, January 13,2015)

Poor sleep causes weight gain, susceptibility to diabetes
(Science Daily, January 3,2015)

All in a good night's sleep: How quality of sleep impacts academic performance in children All in a good night's sleep
(Science Daily, January 8,2015)

Genetic factors contribute to insomnia in children, teens, twin study suggests
(Science Daily, January 05,2015)

Babies’ memory improves after a nap, new study finds
(Toronto Star, January 05,2015)


Jan 02, 2015

Scheduling sleep: Three night-time habits to improve rest
(Science Daily, December 18, 2014)

Can poor sleep lead to dementia?
(Science Daily, December 10, 2014)

Short sleep duration, sleep-related breathing problems increase obesity risk in kid
(Science Daily, December 11, 2014)

Helping parents understand infant sleep patterns
(Science Daily, December 18, 2014)

Many U.S. workers are sacrificing sleep for work
(Science Daily, December 11, 2014)

Light-emitting e-readers before bedtime can adversely impact sleep
(Science Daily, December 22, 2014)

Reading from an iPad before bed can rob you of sleep: Study
(Toronto Star, December 23, 2014)

Trading work for sleep is hurting our health, research suggests
(Toronto Star, December 15, 2014)

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