Sleep in Media - August 2014

Aug 28, 2014

Fear, safety and the role of sleep in human PTDS
(Science Daily, Aug 27, 2014)

Sleep apnea treatment is effective for older people
(Science Daily, Aug 26, 2014)

Sleep drunkenness disorder may affect one in seven
(Science Daily, Aug 25, 2014)

Learning to play the piano? Sleep on it!
(Science Daily, Aug 21, 2014)

Why elderly are prone to sleep problems
(Science Daily, Aug 20, 2014)

How the internal body clock is tuned: New insight
(Science Daily, Aug 18, 2014)

Why your teen likely needs more sleep – and how you can help
(The Globe and Mail, Aug 25, 2014)

Pediatricians call for later school start times for health, academic success
(The Globe and Mail, Aug 25, 2014)

How to get your kids back into their school-year sleeping routine
(The Toronto Star, Aug 25, 2014)


Aug 25, 2014

Pediatricians Officially Want High Schools To Start Later
(The Hufftingon Post, Aug 25, 2014)


Aug 19, 2014

Live Well: Sit next to a window in the office for a good night's sleep and buy low-salt cheeses to stay healthy
(Telegraph, Aug 08, 2014)

New mothers can suffer with 'baby brain' four months after birth
(Telegraph, Aug 03, 2014)

Having night terrors is like being a werewolf’
(Telegraph, Aug 11, 2014)

A-level Results Day dreams and nightmares
(Telegraph, Aug 13, 2014)


Aug 14, 2014

Poor sleep appears linked to higher suicide risk in older adults, study shows
(The Washington Post, August 13)

Poor Sleep Increases Baby Boomers’ Risk of Suicide
(Boston Globe, August 13)

Sleep Problems Linked With Increased Risk Of Suicide In Older Adults
(The Huffington Post, August 13)

Study Hints at Link Between Poor Sleep, Suicide Risk
(Health Day, August 13)


Aug 10, 2014

No apparent link between sleep apnea and cancer: Large study
(Science Daily, Aug 05, 2014)

Poor sleep quality linked to lower physical activity in people with PTSD
(Science Daily, July 16, 2014)

Teen insomnia linked with depression, anxiety
(Science Daily, July 30, 2014)

Natural light in office boosts health
(Science Daily, Aug 8, 2014) 

New anesthesia technique helps show cause of obstruction in sleep apnea
(Sciene Daily, July 29, 2014)

Astronauts cannot sleep properly in space
(Telegraph, Aug 8, 2014)

Struggling to sleep at night? Blame your office
(Telegraph, Aug 8, 2014)


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