Sleep in Media - July 2013

July 17, 2013

"When feeling anxious, it really does help to get more sleep" (Scientific American)

"Don't have a sleepless night over fears your children won't hit the pillow" (The Guardian)

"What time do top CEOs wake up?" (The Guardian)

"Scientists aim to turn Australia's weary workers into sleeping giants" (The Guardian)

"Meditation In Action: A 10-Step Mindfulness Practice For Better Sleep" (The Huffington Post)

"Pre-Existing Insomnia Linked to PTSD and Other Mental Disorders After Military Deployment" (Science Daily)

"Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs for Insomnia: It’s Working" (PsychCentral)

"The Latest Statistics on Teen Sleep Needs" (Wall Street Journal)

"Sleep Research Reveals New Insights Into Heart Disease, Sleepiness & More" (BioNews Texas)


July 12, 2013

"Lack of sleep blights pupils' education" (BBC News)

"Late nights 'sap children's brain power'" (BBC News)

"Melatonin no 'magic pill' for getting healthy kids to sleep" (CBC News)

"What time do top CEOs wake up?" (The Guardian)

"iwaku Is A Connected Wake-Up Light That Can Sync With Sleep Cycle Apps To Rise You Right" (Tech Crunch)

"Yawn tennis: spectators snooze at Wimbledon – in pictures" (The Guardian)


July 8, 2013

"24 Tricks to Survive Hot Summer Nights (Without AC)" (Greatist)

"Good night's sleep 'protects heart'" (BBC News)

"Truckers Are Losing Sleep Over 70-Hour Work Limit" (Wall Street Journal)

"'Your baby last fed from the left breast': The app for sleep-deprived new moms to log diaper changes, naps and feeding patterns" (Daily Mail)


July 5, 2013

"Melatonin: A 'Magic' Sleeping Pill for Children?" (Wall Street Journal)

"Sleep tight: An unusual safety procedure, Encouraging sleep in inmates creates a safer working environment" (Corrections One) - An interesting article addressing the importance of sleep in prisons and penitentiaries 

"What Is Good Sleep?" (Discovery News)

"Seasonal Affective Disorder And Sleep: Study Highlights Sleep Misperceptions By People With SAD" (The Huffington Post)

"Disrupted sleep and circadian rhythms trigger liver disease in alcoholics" (Zee News)


July 3, 2013

"Editorial: How do you sleep?" (Nature)

"Night owls beware: Staying up late can lead to weight gain" (CTV News)  

"Tablets in bed are damaging sleep and killing productivity" (PC World)

"Yoga For Sleep: 10 Poses To Induce Restfulness And Combat Insomnia (PHOTOS)" (The Huffington Post)

"Can't sleep on Sundays? You're not alone, study finds" (MSN News)

"Swedish App Records What Users Say While Sleep Talking" (CBS Philly)


July 1, 2013

"Ways Not Getting Enough Sleep Messes You Up" (Discovery News)

The neuroscience of sleep: Russell Foster at TEDGlobal 2013" (TED Blog)

"Can your teen’s sleep routine impact their food choices?" (CTV News)

"Sleep Deprivation Boosts Anticipatory Anxiety" (The Inquisitr)

"Michael Jackson and Sleep Deprivation: Does Poor Sleep Increase Risk of Sudden Death?" (Time)

"Sleepy Animals - ModernMom Top 10" (You Tube) - Viral video fun 


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