Sleep in Media - February 2012

February 29, 2012

"Sleeping pills increase risk of death, study suggests" (The Guardian)

"Madness, Genius, & Sherman’s Ruthless March" ( - Science blogger David Dobbs reviews the book, 'A First-Rate Madness: Uncovering the Links Between Leadership and Mental Illness' written by Nassir Ghaemi; even though this article is about depression, sleep is a main theme.

"Sleep: How Long Can You Go Without It? (VIDEO, PHOTOS)" (Huffington Post)

"Drinks to help you sleep" (Fox News) - Five beverages which may help bring on sleep. 

"Improved sleep apnea treatments help patients breathe easier" (Chicago Tribune)

"Sleeping on the job" (New Straits Times) - A editorial calling attention to the importance of Obstructive Sleep Apnea treatment for bus and truck drivers. 


February 27, 2012

"Right to sleep a fundamental right, says Supreme Court" (The Times of India)

"Which State Is The Sleepiest?" (Huffington Post)

"Sleep: why they used to do it twice a night" (The Guardian) - The author comments on a recent  BBC article regarding segmented sleep. 

"Room temperature can affect REM sleep" (Vancouver Courier) - A letter written to the editor about the article, Wide Awake, published on February 10, 2012

"Battle of the Zzzs: How Zeo's Sleep Monitors Stack Up" (     


February 24, 2012

"The myth of the eight-hour sleep" (BBC News Magazine) - The history of nighttime sleep, from two four-hour segments to a single eight-hour session.

"Top 10 Most (Yawn) Sleep-Deprived Jobs" ( Moneyland) 

"Ask Mr. Dad: Let me sleep on it" (The Kansas City Star) - Sleep hygiene tips for babies. 

"Autism Speaks provides sleep strategies and dental treatment tool kits" (Medical Xpress) - Two autism advocacy and education groups have released a tool kit with tips on helping kids or teens with autism spectrum disorder get better sleep. 

"'It has devastated my life': Woman 22, suffers from rare sleep disorder that turns her into a toddler" (Daily Mail Online) - The author explains her experiences battling Kleine-Levin Syndrome.

"Do you sleep with a teddy bear?" (CBC News) - Teddy bears--bringing comfort to the world one cuddle at a time. 


February 22, 2012

"Pro/Con: Is sharing a bed with baby healthful or risky?" (Chicago Tribune) - An article presenting both sides of the on-going bed sharing debate. 

"How to Fake a Good Night's Sleep: There are ways to feel normal after a night of limited shut-eye"

"Sleep yourself thin. Really?" (ABC Science) - The author plays devil's advocate regarding the notion that more sleep will help weight loss. 

"Sleepless elite: quest for the Thatcher gene" (The Sydney Morning Herald)

"Lady Gaga thinks the devil haunting her in her sleep"


February 20, 2012

"Body clock 'alters' immune system" (BBC News) - Research of the TLR9 gene has shed new light on the link between the immune system and circadian rhythm. 

"And so to bed – warmed by ferrets, cats and wine bottles" (The Guardian) - A truly charming group of letters about bed warming which were spawned by this article 'In Praise of...the hot-water bottle' ( 

"Amblin’ with Ambien" (Dover Post) - The author shares her amusement and dismay at the side effects of the medication Ambien. 

"The sleep-deprived life of a snorer's wife" (The Daily Progress) - The trials of a woman whose husband is in 'Snoring Denial'. 

"A Conversation With Ben Rubin, Sleep and Consumer Health Expert" (The Atlantic) - Mr.Rubin discusses his company, Zeo Sleep Management, and the future of personal health technology. 


February 17, 2012

"Can’t Sleep? It May Be Affecting Your Memory" (Time Healthland) - Waking up many times an hour during nighttime sleep could increase the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

"Losing sleep over a diagnosis" (The Sydney Morning Herald) - With alterations to the new edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, there is concern about a tidal wave of insomnia diagnoses in children. 

"Bacteria used to fight sleeping sickness" (BBC News)

"Family Matters: Here’s how to beat the early morning rush" (Victor Post)

"Sleep Problems: How You And Your Partner Can Sleep In Sync" (Huffington Post)

"Friday at CinéGael: The Other Side of Sleep" (Montreal Gazette) - A movie review about a woman who sleepwalks: 


February 15, 2012

"A History of Kids and Sleep: Why They Never Get Enough" (Time Magazine)

"How To Sleep Better: Quick Study" (Huffington Post) - Ten tips to help induce good sleep.

"'Sleepy milk' tests on restless" (The Press New Zealand) - Milk from cows milked at night is being tested to see if increased melatonin levels could help promote sleepiness. 

"How to get a good night's sleep (and why we need to)"


February 13, 2012

"No lie-in! Teens need just seven hours sleep a night, study finds" (Daily Mail Online) - Researchers have found that students that slept fewer hours than recommended performed better on standardized testing.

Read more

"Apps For Apnea? New Gadgets Promise To Improve Sleep" (NPR) - A round-up of articles reviewing gadgets used to help track, and hopefully, increase nighttime sleep.

"Sleep disorder causes woman to text after nodding off" (Daily Mirror)

"Sleep Breathing Machine Shows Clear Benefits in Children with Sleep Apnea" (The Sacramento Bee) - Even though this is a press release, it contains good information. 


February 10, 2012

"Wide awake: Whether at work, school or home, many adults such as UBC student Jo Smith sacrifice sleep for productivity in our round-the-clock world" (The Vancouver Courier)

"Sleepy teens are at greater risk for substance abuse" (Newark Advocate) - An article about the importance of sleep for teens and how to help them get it. 

"Sleep problems may raise prostate cancer risk" (PressTV) - A new study out of Iceland, has linked an increased risk of developing prostate cancer with having a severe sleep disorder. 

"Sleep Paralysis" (CBC Radio) - The radio program The Current aired The Paralysing Night, a 23-minute documentary about sleep paralysis, on Wednesday, February 1, 2012.


February 8, 2012

"Roost houses offer small birds an escape from rough weather" (The News Tribune) - Answering the question, "where do birds sleep at night?"

"Toddler sleep stealers: Tricks for getting little kids to go to sleep" (Parent Zone / The Toronto Star) - Ingenious tips for dealing with the stalling tactics kids use to avoid bedtime. 

"I've been sleeping on the couch and I kind of like it (don't tell my wife)" (The Trentonian) - A column by Jeff Edelstein explaining is why he enjoys sleeping on the couch...for now. 

"Reset your body clock" (The Sydney Morning Herald) - The benefits of fine tuning your sleep cycle from a health and fitness point of view.


February 6, 2012

"Stanford summer-camp researchers reunite and recall a long, strange trip" (Mercury News) - In late January, a wall plaque was unveiled at the Jerry House residence to commemorate the Stanford University Summer Sleep Camps held in the mid 1970's and the pioneering work carried out by Dr.William Dement and Dr.Mary Carskadon.

"Sleep-deprived toddlers more likely to have emotional problems, study finds" (The Vancouver Sun) - Tired toddlers have difficulty controlling their emotions which may result in them not learning this important skill potentially leading to emotional problems later in life.

"Give Yourself A Bedtime" (Forbes) - As part of her 'Happiness Project', Ms.Rubin recommends a set bedtime to ensure 7-8 hours of sleep.

"Sleep apnea may make people more prone to silent strokes" (The Los Angeles Times) - A recently presented study linked with sleep apnea with increased prevalence of silent strokes and brain lesions.

"Sleep disorders costing $5bn a year" (ABC News) - An article about the high cost of sleepiness on the Australian economy: 

"Minerals may promote a good night’s sleep" (The Athens News) - Calcium and magnesium supplements to help sleeplessness: 


February 3, 2012

"Insomniacs 'Six Times More Likely To Develop Diabetes' Study Finds" (The Huffington Post)

"How not to sleep with a child: (Funny) diagrams" (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) - Instructive diagrams from the blog, Momania 


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