Sleep in Media - July 2015

July 16, 2015

The sleep-deprived brain can mistake friends for foes
(Science Daily, July 15,2015)

Clinical pathway uncovers obstructive sleep apnea in hospitalized patients
(Science Daily, July15,2015)

High-pressure oxygen can effectively treat fibromyalgia
(Science Daily, July 14,2015)

Losing half a night of sleep makes memories less accessible in stressful situations
(Science Daily, July 13,2015) 

Rapid eye movement or REM sleep actively converts waking experiences into lasting memories and abilities in young brains reports a new study from Washington State University Spokane
(Science Daily, July 3,2015)

Sleep deprivation could prevent traumatic memories and flashbacks
(Telegraph,July 1,2015)

25 tips and tricks to help you get better sleep
(Telegraph, July 3,2015)

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