Sleep in Media - August 2016

August 11, 2016

Dreaming also occurs during non rapid eye movement sleep
(Science Daily, August 9,2016)

Sandman's' role in sleep control discovered
(Science Daily, August 3,2016)

Birds engage in all types of sleep in flight, but in remarkably small amounts
(Science Daily, August 3,2016)

Got sleep? The amount you get could affect your marital mind
(Science Daily, August 6,2016)

Sleep apnea worsens non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in obese adolescents
(Science Daily, August 5,2016)

Plenty of light during daytime reduces the effect of blue light screens on night sleep
(Science Daily, August 10,2016)

Like animals, sunflowers have an internal clock, study finds
(Toronto Star, August 7,2016)


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